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Company: Konomi
Game Title:  テニスの王子様 ドキドキサバイバル海辺のSecret, Tennis no Ouji-sama: Doki Doki Survival - Umibe no Secret
Genre: Dating Simulation
Official Site: 
Rating: CERO: A (All Ages) 
Release Date: January 25 2007
Platform: Playstation 2
Voice: Fully Voiced

You and your friend, Kohinata Tsugumi, are on a cruise ship, which is led by Kohinata's dad, who is the captain of it. Besides you, your friend, and your friend's dad are various tennis teams. They are on their way to some place, where they can train. On the way there, a typhoon hits the ship.  During the ruckus, Saeki and Kurobane comes to you and your friend's room and saves you.

When you wake up, the first thing you see is Atobe, and then your friend, Tsugumi. Apparently you, your friend, and the rest of the tennis teams are stuck on some island. Nobody knows the whereabouts of Tsugumi's father or the coaches of the tennis teams. After finding each and every survivor, there is a discussion about how this should be dealt with. Which results two groups, led by Tezuka and Atobe. As everyone splits off into groups, you decide to go to Atobe's group, while Tsugumi ends up in Tezuka's. 

Your objective is to help your group and survive, until help arrives.

跡部 景吾 Atobe Keigo
voiced by 諏訪部 順一 Suwabe Junichi
Atobe is the captain of the tennis team at Hyoutei. Although he is known for his arrogance and narcissism, but he can be noble at times too. He is also known for his wealth as well, which he is generous with, despite flaunting it every now and then.
宍戸 亮 Shishido Ryou
voiced by 楠田 敏之 Kusuda Toshiyuki
Shishido is Ootori's doubles partner and one of the Hyoutei's regulars. Despite being hot headed and stubborn,  he is willing to work hard for what he wants. If someone annoys him or calls him names, he won't hesitate and insult back.

芥川 慈郎 Akutagawa Jirou
voiced by うえだ ゆうじ Ueda Yuuji

Akutagawa is a regular from Hyoutei's tennis team. He is often asleep, because there only a few things that can keep him awake. When he is awake, he is very energetic and enthusiastic. He is also a huge fan of Marui, who was the reason why he became a volley specialist in the first place.

鳳 長太郎 Ootori Choutarou
voiced by 浪川 大輔 Namikawa Daisuke
Ootori is Shishido's doubles partner and one of the Hyoutei's regulars. Gentle, polite, and selfless to a fault, he is man with very few flaws. He is basically a nice guy who tries hard his hardest in whatever he does.

幸村 精市 Yukimura Seiichi
voiced by 永井 幸子 Nagai Sachiko 
Yukimura is the captain of Rikkaidai's tennis team. Although he is nice and polite to everyone else, he tends to be very strict with his team. He also likes to tease those who are close to him. He was also hospitalized for a while because of a neurological diease he had. 

丸井 ブン太 Marui Bunta
voiced by 
高橋 直純 Takahashi Naozumi

Marui is one of the regulars in the tennis team at Rikkaidai, who claims that he is a genius. 
He is very proud of his volleying skill and can be arrogant about it. He also dislikes having to do any physical work, and has a tendency to take on tasks that he gets his friend, Jackal, to do. Marui is also known for chewing gum, both inside and outside of the court. That, and he likes to eat in general. 


ジャッカル 桑原 Jackal Kuwahara
voiced by 檜山 修之 Hiyama Nobuyuki
Jackal is a Rikkaidai regular, who takes pride in his endurance and refuses to back down when it's challenged. He is basically a half Brazilian and half Japanese guy with a good nature, who often gets taken advantaged of, because of his reliability and responsibility.


赤澤 吉朗 Akazawa Yoshirou
voiced by 岩崎 征実 Iwasaki Masami

観月 はじめ Mizuki Hajime
voiced by 石田 彰 Ishida Akira

不二 裕太 Fuji Yuuta

南 健太郎 Minami Kentarou
voiced by 石川 正明 Ishikawa Masaki

千石 清純 Sengoku Kiyosumi
voiced by 鳥海 浩輔 Toriumi Kousuke

亜久津 仁 Akutsu Jin
voiced by 佐々木 望 Sasaki Nozomu

葵 剣太郎 Aoi Kentarou
voiced by 豊永 利行 Toyonaga Toshiyuki


佐伯 虎次郎 Saeki Koujirou
voiced by 
織田 優成 Oda Yuusei

黒羽 春風 Kurobane Harukaze
voiced by 
大黒 和広 Oguro Kazuhiro

Kurobane, or Bane for short, is Amane's doubles partner and one of Rokkaku's regulars. He is a friendly guy, who flares up every now and then if annoyed. Sometimes he gets aggressive about it, and reacts back with violence. Kurobane also has a sense of responsibility when it comes to everything he does, and tends to look after those who are younger than him. 


天根 ヒカル Amane Hikaru
voiced by 竹内 
幸輔 Takeuchi Kosuke

木手 永四郎 Kite Eishirou
voiced by 新垣 樽助 Shingaki Tarunsuke
平古場 凛 Hirakoba Rin
voiced by 
吉野 裕行 Yoshino Hiroyuki


甲斐 裕次郎 Kai Yuujirou
voiced by 中村 太亮 Nakamura Daisuke

Kai is the vice captain of Higa's tennis team, and is also one of the regulars. He tends to get into trouble because he doesn't often think it through and does it on a whim. Despite appearing irresponsible at times, he is very obedient to Kite.
- the ability to change the name of the heroine (default name is Fujimoto Ayaka)
- 20 bachelors to choose from
- a love chart (and when you save your saved file) that you can refer to, to see how much someone likes you
- two endings per bachelor (the difference between the two is who confesses first)
- mini games to play
- has an auto and skip function


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